The best of both worlds

The Lorentz PSK Solar Pump is an advanced hybrid solar water pumping system that is perfect for medium to large sized applications (5.5 to 75kW). The system is specifically designed to replace the need for grid power or diesel with a much more energy efficient solar and diesel power option.

When hybrid makes sense

There are times when solar power alone is not the most practical solution. For example when you adopt a solar system to meet peak requirements in the day (meaning the system is likely oversized for most of the year). 

For example: If we have fruit tree irrigation, we can size a solar system that delivers all water requirements for 10 months of the year, but we need 30% extra water for the other 2 months before harvest. The solution is a hybrid system.

When hybrid makes sense

  • Reduce operational expenses with near zero energy costs.
  • Improve water security.
  • Improve sustainability.

When you compare systems look at whole system costs. Comparing motor sizes, solar panel sizes or theoretical maximums are not good indicators of how much water you will be able to pump. Adding extra solar modules, racking cabling and labor to get competitors’ products to meet LORENTZ performance gets expensive. COMPASS – the LORENTZ system planning software – will accurately simulate real world situations and design a system that will give you the water you need, when you need it.

LORENTZ PSk Hybrid Solar Pumping System

PSk systems are available from 5.5kW to 100kW with a wide range of submersible and surface pumps and motors.PSk3 – 5.5kW up to 11kW

PSk2 – 15kW up to 75kW 


Using solar power means that you can install a pumping system almost anywhere, irrespective of power infrastructure availability and the associated costs. Our PSk series is designed for the harshest off-grid environments.


Operational cost savings are achieved as the system requires no or reduced fossil fuels, can be fully remotely managed and is designed to have a long working life. The result is very low costs.


With smart motor control PSk is very gentle on pump motors. this both extends the system life and allows for any generators that are integrated into the system to be smaller than they would be for conventional pump systems.


As PSk is designed to be a complete system, it has all of the needed software and hardware for your water project. The result is that your projects are delivered on time, on budget and without technical risk.

LORENTZ PSk Hybrid Solar Pumping System

LORENTZ PSk does not switch between sources but blends power seamlessly when a second source is needed. In the diagram you can see the power from grid / generator (red) and the power from solar (yellow).

In this example PSk has been set to run from 05:00 (5am) to 22:00 (10pm) at a constant speed. Power choice and blending of power is completely automatic. PSk uses all of the solar power available and switches to the second power source as and when required.

This automation removes the risk to people and machinery of having to switch multiple power sources. Other systems that are marketed as hybrid are actually “dual” which switches between power sources rather than blends. True blending such as the one found in PSk can make savings of 60-70% against dual systems.

Applications for PSK Pumps


For people – very relevant to parts of the Pacific Islands and the rest of the world where PSk is used to deliver water to communities of up to 400,000 people.

For Livestock – Lorentz pumps are installed in stations across South Africa to provide drinking water to livestock such as cattle and sheep.


Solar pumps are a perfect match for irrigation – more sun usually means more water is required for the crops, hence a solar solution makes sense.

LORENTZ is being used to transform unused land into productive farms. Drip, sprinkler or flood irrigation method are all fully supported by LORENTZ. High flows and high pressures can be achieved allowing almost any existing irrigation system to be converted to solar.


Pool pumps are the second biggest energy consumer in many homes after air conditioning. LORENTZ Pool Pumps are high quality and designed for residential and commercial swimming pools and spas.

The LORENTZ pump uses a DC brushless motor for high efficiency and reliability.

The Complete Solution 

LORENTZ PSk is designed to be a complete solar water pumping system with controllers and pumps matched for specific requirements. The system has multiple inbuilt sensors including SunSensor which makes smart decisions based on irradiation and available power. LORENTZ PSk is a complete solution “out of the box” without the need for building additional switching cabinets or PLC units

The components of the system are described below:


The controller is at the heart of the system, managing both system operations, analysing inputs and constantly optimizing the system for maximum water output.


Solar power is the primary power source, in almost all cases the water requirements can be met with a well-designed solar system and water storage. When needed, PSk can also be powered by the grid or a generator.


Acting as backup / additional power which can be automatically turned on based on your settings that pick up when water requirements exceed that being delivered by the solar system.


All PSk systems have inbuilt data logging and a simple management interface. All systems can be remotely monitored and managed via our LORENTZ Global solution.


LORENTZ has a wide range of submersible and surface solar pumps to meet your specific water needs. Some submersible pumps from water that is 450 metres deep with surface pumps available for flows of up to sixty cubic metres per hour.


LORENTZ PSk system is connected to the system will optimize water delivery depending on the power available and inputs from the various sensors.


Introducing water storage to a solar water pumping system allows for increased seasonal demands to be met, or simply for overnight water availability without a generator or grid power.


To understand which complete solution is best for your farm or station, you are best to speak to one of our expert dealer partners across the Pacific as they can help calculate the exact system that you need, based on your location, geography and water requirements.


SmartPSU turns LORENTZ PSk into a hybrid pumping system. This functionality is included in PSk3-7 and PSk3-15 and is delivered as a modular solution for larger systems

SmartPSU turns LORENTZ PSk into a hybrid pumping system. This functionality is included in PSk3-7 and PSk3-15 and is delivered as a modular solution for larger systems

Smart Start

A SmartStart allows LORENTZ PSk systems to make decisions when there is no solar power available. For example if you wanted to irrigate at 3am, SmartStart prompts the PSk to check available power and switch on a generator or start use a grid connection since there is no solar available.

As solar power becomes available, PSk automatically blends the power sources ensuring the investment in solar is fully utilised. Automatic operation means that the system is available to start pumping 24 hours per day.

Key Benefit – Efficiency

The efficiency of PSk means that the system starts earlier in the day, pumps more during the day and stops later. This can make a significant difference to the people, crops or animals that use the water.

LORENTZ has conducted tests against our leading competitors and have found that our systems are up to 1,460% MORE efficient!

PSK Product Range

An effective solar water pumping system is made up of more than one component. When you choose a LORENTZ system you will get an integrated solution design specifically for solar water pumping from a company with absolute focus on this technology.

Submersible Pumps

LORENTZ PSk 4” to 10” submersible pumps perform equally well in irrigation projects and for wide area drinking water applications, reliably meeting the most demanding requirements.

Surface Pumps

LORENTZ PSk surface pumps perform equally well in irrigation projects and for wide area drinking water applications, reliably meeting the most demanding requirements. All LORENTZ pumps are preconfigured in our CONNECTED apps for simple 3 click setup of any system.

PSK Controller

LORENTZ PSk 4” to 10” submersible pumps perform equally well in irrigation projects and for wide area drinking water applications, reliably meeting the most demanding requirements.

Smart Solution Hybrid Components

The LORENTZ PSk SmartSolution hybrid components are used to enable seamless blending of an AC power source with solar power. PSk3 has integrated hybrid power.

Learn more about hybrid pumping, the SmartStart for generator control and the SmartPSUfor PSk2 systems in the ‘LORENTZ PSk hybrid family’ section.


To complete your LORENTZ PSk system, LORENTZ provide a wide range of accessories including compatible probes, sensors, solar power connection equipment, racking and PV modules. This enables a single source of tested and ready to integrate components to give you a complete solution.

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