LORENTZ Solar Water Pumping systems are Bluetooth enabled.

This means they are easy to configure and provide rich data to monitor trends, allowing individuals to effectively manage their water. When used in conjunction with LORENTZ Global, systems can be monitored and controlled remotely from anywhere in the world

Built in data logging

LORENTZ systems constantly record operational data and store it for real-time or historic analysis. All LORENTZ components such as pump controllers, and communication devices have a Bluetooth™ module which allows for wireless connection using open standard, low-cost Android™ phones or tablets.

You can easily configure the system with just a couple of clicks and swipes on a smart device via LORENTZ CONNECTED.

LORENTZ CONNECTED is a family of pump connectivity solutions including:

  • LORENTZ PS Commander – a solar powered cellular or satellite gateway that connects the pump controller to the cloud-based server (LORENTZ Global), and provides 2 way data transfer
  • configuring and troubleshooting – an Android app for configuring and troubleshoot your LORENTZ PS2/PSk2 range product via Bluetooth
  • LORENTZ Assistant – an Android app that can be used to configure and troubleshoot your LORENTZ PS Commander and PSk3 range product via Bluetooth
  • LORENTZ Global – a modern web-based interface with a configurable alert system and pump controlling & monitoring functions

LORENTZ CONNECTED features make configuration simple, reduce site visit costs and ensure you are informed of exactly what your life critical solar water pumping system is doing, while providing the ability to remotely control your water pump.

Satellite Monitoring:

Connectivity in the most remote regions.

LORENTZ are proud to announce Satellite Monitoring which provides unparalleled connectivity across South Africa. This means agriculutral businesses can monitor and manage their water supply from anywhere in the world with their device. To learn more about this, contact us below:



Remote Monitoring & Management

LORENTZ pump systems can connect to our LORENTZ Global management service. This is a simple, cloud delivered, monthly subscription service that provides seamless remote monitoring and management. LORENTZ Global allows you to see exactly what the system is doing and make changes to settings and receive alerts regardless of location. We have two services for LORENTZ Global:

1. Cellular based system – available in 3G and 4G for areas with connectivity to a mobile network

2. Satellite Monitoring – Using satellites to connect to your system which means greater connectivity in the most remote regions of South Africa

With LORENTZ Global, you get complete visibility to your water system from anywhere in the world.

  • Real-time monitoring of the system and performance: LORENTZ Global includes clear pump and water source performance information for monitoring and future planning.
  • Full control by modifying your system online: Your system can be modified online including the option to switch on, switch off, monitor external sensors and control.
  • Reduce risk and losses: Proactive alerts are sent if there are unexpected events or problems. This allows you to achieve the fastest resolution with minimal impact on your application.
  • Time and cost savings: Knowing what your system is doing and configuring your system remotely greatly reduces time and money spent on maintenance trips.

Our products work in harmony with the advanced system features in the LORENTZ CONNECTED apps

All our partners and customers can now benefit from LORENTZ PumpScanner and LORENTZ Assistant from the Google Play Store.

Both LORENTZ PumpScanner and LORENTZ Assistant apps allow you to:

  • Access real-time and stored data to keep track of your pumps, and communication devices performance
  • Access information such as water delivered, energy used (or saved) and cost savings
  • Access advanced features such as pressure and level control
  • Access to timers and speed control to manage water resources
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